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SINDHU DARSHAN YATRA - The Nationan's Pride

The mighty sindhu river, our nationa's pride, is a symbol of ancient Indian civilization. The name "SINDHU" which means "SAMUDRA" (The Vast Sea) has been given to it becasue of its size, volume, and the long distance it covers. The Sindhu River is one of the world's longest rivers. Various other names given to our country such as Hindustan, Hind, India, etc. have been derived from Sindhu or 'Indus' (as given by foriegners). It is here, lord Jhulelal was born. The Inspiration, motivation and creation of holy vedas were also the result of Sindhu's Magical Powrs. Hence, references to this holy Sindhu river can be found at many points and mentions in the hindu VEDAS.

Sindhu Darshan Yatra is an assimilation or religions, enthusiasm and adventure. It also establishes Indian unity and communal harmony. It encourages tourism and also salutes our brave Indian soldiers. Sindhu Darshan Yatra has also helped in integrating people from different regions and has also given them an opportunity to admire the natural beauty of Leh and Ladakh region. The nature is at its best here and touches everyone’s heart. A three day visit will enable us to visit some of the historical places. Not only this , you will also be charmed by various cultural and religious programmes. A rise in the number of tourists every year is a clear indication of love and affection of people all over India and abroad of this region.The Journey to the Sindhu Rivers, takes us back to a 5000 Years' old Indus Valley Civilisation, also known as the "Harrappa & Mohenjodaro", historically. The Sindhu River originates in the South West Tibet at the height of 16000 feet, and enters into India, from Leh, which is in Laddakh. After Travelling for about 200 miles it touches the southern west borders of Jammu, at a height of 15000 feet. It meets its first tributary Janskar at about 11KMS from Leh, in Laddak. In the same direction, it travels for about 1500 KMS, it meets te river "SHYOK". At this point, point, the Sindhu River is 16KMS Broad, and looks as huge as a sea.
It then flows to Kashmir & enters into Pakistan.  

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About Sindhu Darshan Yatra

The Sindhu Darshan Yatra is bringing you the 26th Sindhu Darshan yatra, set to take place between 23-26th June 2022. Please check for all the Information on this website or call the Yatra Samiti office

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